• 1950

    Myron Cohen has been an entrepreneur for over fifty years. Myron became a top salesman for the Senac Company. He would sell door to door back in the day when it was the norm. He got to know both his customers and suppliers personally. This served him well. Myron started buying and selling on his own, literally right out of the trunk of his car. It was door to door selling of dry goods with a motto of "50 cents down and 50 cents when I can catch you" as a verbal contract.

  • 1959

    Neptune Home Furnishings began in 1959 with a succession of moves finding a small store front in Haverhill. Neptune settled at 360 Washington Street and became a corporation in 1963. Adding furniture and larger appliances to his extensive clothing inventory the business was a small department store. As the business grew in size he added employees. The addition of a bookkeeper and several "collectors", including him, suddenly there became a payroll he had to consider every week. Deliveries and orders were taken at any given time. Neptune was regarded as "The Store at Your Door."

  • 1970

    In the early seventies Myron started to dabble in uniforms by request from customers. Some requests were from city workers in need of work apparel and then by the local police department. This started a trend that brought Neptune Home Furnishings into the world of city and state bidding. Neptune now had a uniform department. Myron gave up his route to cater to his new customer base.

  • 1971

    A decision was made to let go of the civilian portion of the business. Myron continued to expand his uniform business. In the eighties he would get into his station wagon loaded with special chosen goods every Sunday morning at 4:00 AM and set up "shop" in Boston Police Department areas, A, D and B2. The latter he dubbed his "headquarters."

  • 1975

    Unloading, setting up his display and reloading for each stop. He would not return home until 8:00PM. Rarely missing a Sunday he did this for thirteen years. It was during this time he was given the name "Super Jew". The friends he gained back then are still friends of today and his nickname has stuck through the decades as well.

  • 1980

    He had a warehouse built to carry the inventory needed and to house offices and sewing rooms for customization. This became a business that brought product sales, personal service and a little piece of manufacturing in the form of customizing each uniform. Truly, a very unique business. Neptune Home Furnishings became Neptune Police Supply; it is now named Neptune Uniforms and Equipment Inc.

  • Today

    Myron traveled throughout the U.S.
    taking great pride in...


  • In Memory

    On July 1st 2012 Myron C. Cohen, A.K.A. Super Jew passed away as he slept. He was 80 years old. For over 40 years he wove his life into the lives and hearts of the people he met and outfitted all over the US. He cherished his countless friendships with his uniformed audience. There was no greater sense of pride for Myron as when he viewed his handiwork on an officer and in particular his many honor guard creations. So many went from cadet to chief clothed under Myron 's guidance. Whether he laughed with you or yelled at you it was done with that Myron SJ "love"...Classic Myron . He is sadly missed.

    Myron C. Cohen
    6/15/1932 - 7/1/2012
    Rest in peace my friend.